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Barbell Pad Squat Protector

Barbell Pad Squat Protector

Barbell Pad Squat Protector

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The advantage of weight-bearing training, with it can make the exercise effect can be increased by 1-4 times, the greater the weight, the more significant the exercise effect

Use this, can effectively avoid the bar weight bearing position, and the barbell slide

The shoulder pad has two fixed straps for the shoulder pad.

Product Name: squat barbell sheath

Product color: red, black,blue,rose red

Product size: length 45cm, diameter 10cm, aperture 2.7cm

Weight: 200g

Product features: the neck, shoulder

method: It is recommended to wash with a mild detergent and dry in a cool place. Do not expose to the sun.

Tips for use: For your safety, please make sure that the boot opening is facing up during exercise


Good inner liner, built-in high density, high resilience thickening like glue sponge, deep and safer and more comfortable

Anti-seepage fabric, selected fabric absorbs moisture and absorbs sweat, double , good slip resistance, not easy to be eroded by sweat

Package Included:

1 *barbell shoulder pad

2* shoulder pad strap

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